Pittsburgh Pontoons

Pontoon on the Allegheny River
Pittsburgh Pontoons is THE place to go for individual pontoon rentals. You can now rent one of our 12- passenger boats and cruise the rivers on your own private pontoon boat! Enjoy a day on our beautiful Three Rivers:  perfect for Girls’ Day Out, a romantic picnic on the water, to take in a ballgame, or just to hang out with friends and family and see Pittsburgh from a totally different view. From sunrise to sunset, our pontoons are a great way to show off our city to out-of-town friends! Our boats are in the water and ready to go!
Do I need a license? You have two options, both are very easy:  If you were born after January 1st 1982 you can go here for details on the PA Boater Education Course.
  • If born before January 1st 1982 you are already eligible to drive the boat! 
  • OR you may hire one of our Designated Drivers  separate from reserving the boat.
  • The PA Fish and Boat Commission has very specific regulations on passengers and drivers/captains: 
  • If you have 6 people or less, you can hire one of our professional Captains. 
  • Or if you have up to 12 people, you can take the boat out yourself.
  • We can provide a DD. Our DD will be considered part of your group and will be compensated separately as an independent contractor.
Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises' Pontoon 2

Pontoon 1

  • 25 foot Crest II pontoon
  • 12 person limit (including the driver)
  • Optional driver for an extra fee
  • Double bimini cover
  • 115HP
  • Bluetooth
  • Party lights
Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises' Pontoon 1

Pontoon 2

  • 22 foot Crest II pontoon
  • 12 persons (11 with driver)
  • Single bimini
  • Bluetooth
  • Party lights
  • 115HP
Pontoon 3 Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises

Pontoon 3

  • 25 feet long tritoon
  • 12 persons (11 with driver)
  • Refrigerator 
  • Drink well
  • 175HP
We are currently updating our booking software. In the meantime, please send us an email and request a contract for further information and pricing. Email pittsburghluxurycruises@gmail.com or use the button below to get in touch.
Please note:  4-hour minimum for all driver rental charges –25 foot luxury pontoon boat seats 12 adults comfortably, 75 Horsepower engine, and Bluetooth sound system.

These obligations will be met by Pittsburgh Pontoons, LLC and its staff.

Certifications – All Pittsburgh Pontoons staff will possess a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license, Pennsylvania Boating Safety Education certification, and First Aid/CPR certification.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance – Pittsburgh Pontoons will ensure regularly scheduled maintenance for the rental boat in accordance with all government and manufacturer recommendations. Upon request, Pittsburgh Pontoons will provide a maintenance record for review by the Operator.

Operability – Pittsburgh Pontoons will ensure that each rental boat is safe to operate and complies with all Pennsylvania boating safety requirements. 

Ownership and Registration – A valid copy of the boat’s registration (and any other legally required documentation) will be kept onboard the boat at all times.

Cleanliness – Pittsburgh Pontoons will ensure that each boat is clean prior to each rental. 

Safety – Pittsburgh Pontoons will ensure that each boat has been equipped with all of the applicable safety equipment required by the US Coast Guard for the water where the boat is being used, including but not limited to: life jackets and fire extinguisher, etc.

On-Time Availability –Pittsburgh Pontoons will ensure, to the best of its ability, that each rental period begins at the specified time and location.

Safety Orientation – Everyone onboard needs to know in advance what is expected of them and where they can find needed equipment. The safety briefing should include information on the location and proper use of life jackets (PFDs), fire extinguishers, sound producing device and first aid kit. Boat Pittsburgh staff will explain emergency procedures; rules prohibiting the discharge of litter or waste overboard; other items such as the operating, weather and/or water conditions, anchoring procedures, docking and line handling, and the dangers of falling overboard and being struck by the propeller. (Prop Chop) Boat Pittsburgh staff will complete a checklist to ensure that each topic has been covered. The checklist will be signed by Pittsburgh Pontoons staff and the Operator.

Forms and Waivers –Pittsburgh Pontoons staff will ensure that all Rental Waivers and Agreements are completed prior to departure from the dock by the Crew. The Operator will be responsible for signing the Rental Agreement and each passenger (or designated guardian) must sign the individual boater waiver. All crew members must be accounted for on the Boater Manifest.


Q: Where are you located? Pittsburgh Pontoons operates out of Lockwall One Marina @ 23rd street in the Strip District. (GPS=#1 23rd street, Pittsburgh, Pa 15222) We have FREE parking nearby or a 1000 car garage just across Railroad street.

What is included in the rental?

Use of 1 pontoon boat including fuel for your rental period. One personal flotation device (PFD) per passenger (Yes-we have children’s sizes) + all required US Coast Guard Safety equipment and a 1st Aid kit. 

How many people may we have on the boat?

Our boats can hold up to 12 people including the ‘Operator’. You may bring coolers, bags, etc, but please keep in mind it is against the law to overload a boat. If you go over the weight limit you will have to leave something (or someone) at the dock!

Is boating safe for babies and children?

Yes-as long as you follow proper precautions and follow the law. Children of any age are permitted on board with a guardian. Children 12 and under MUST wear a PFD at all times including when dockside. We have PFDs in infant and youth sizes. If you let us know the size of your children in the rental agreement we will have them ready. Sizes are infant <30#, youth 30-50#, and youth 5-90#. Please also let us know if you have any passengers who may need an extra large life jacket.

What if weather stinks?

 You may dock at Point State Park. You may beach the pontoon, but you cannot run it aground.

Can I bring/drink alcohol on the boat?

Just like a car, it is illegal for the operator of a boat to drink alcohol. Passengers may drink alcohol but are still subject to all the laws of the state of Pennsylvania! If an operator of 1 of Pittsburgh Pontoons boats receives a BUI while operating 1 of Pittsburgh Pontoons boats they will be banned from renting a boat from Pittsburgh Pontoons at any future date.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

We do have a small pop-up bathroom on the boat which you will be instructed how to use during orientation. Please be aware if people use it multiple times throughout the day it will become full and may overflow. There are also bathrooms at Point State Park open to the public. You may stop along the point and allow people off to use the facilities.

Do you have music, usb, etc on the boat?

Our boats are equipped with usb ports and blluetooth compatible stereos.

May I use a grill on the boat?


May I bring a pet?

No. Licensed Service animals are permitted but any other pets including ‘Emotional support animals’ are not permitted.

May we water ski, tube, etc behind the boat?

No-Nothing may be towed behind the boat. The boat Is not equipped for these types of activity.

May I rent the boat for Fireworks?

Our boats may be rented on Fireworks evenings provided you have 1 of our licensed and certified Operators operating the boat at all times.

If Pittsburgh Pontoons needs to cancel for any reason including weather, river conditions, etc we will issue a full refund. The client may cancel with a full refund up until 48 hours before their rental time. Within 48 hours no refund will be given except in case of true emergencies for which proof may be asked. If your cruise is cut short due to bad weather we will issue a pro-rated refund or a voucher for the remaining amount good for another available date.