Pittsburgh Beer Fest

Attending Pittsburgh Beer Fest is an occasion to delight in but do you know what would make it even more enjoyable? Coming to and from Beer Fest on a boat. Our water limo services are a nice addition to any area happening. We will gladly be a supporting role for your main event, while we have plenty of main events, ourselves. If Beer Fest is the place to be, we’ll take you there and back in style.

An obvious bonus of using our shuttle service is that you don’t need to worry about parking. In fact, especially for an occasion like this, you might not even have to worry about driving period. Depending on where you’re located, you could walk or taxi to our marina, which is Lockwall One. If a round trip isn’t necessary, we also offer one-way trips. Your shuttle will be our Miss Pittsburgh, which holds 49 people, so don’t wait to make a reservation.

If this will be your first Pittsburgh Beer Fest, you’ll be glad you didn’t wait another season. Whether it’s the summer or winter event, you won’t be disappointed. Between the beer list and the supporting cause, it’s an all-around good time to experience. To give you a quick glimpse into Animal Rescue Partners’ festival, we’ve included a few helpful reviews.

Megan wrote, “I am a huge beer nerd. I have been drinking craft beer for about two years now and I love everything about it. I love getting random six packs of beer and taking them home to have my own tasting party… But this… was way better,” (2/24/15, yelp.com – winter beer fest).

Kerri wrote, “Don’t miss this. Over 300 different beers to sample along with karaoke, photo booth, silent disco, various food for purchase, and live music,” (3/3/14, yelp.com – winter beer fest).
George wrote, “Wonderful event to be a part of every year,” (2015 summer, Pittsburgh Beerfest’s Facebook page).

There are plenty more to browse, if you want a better idea, but regardless of what you find, you’ll want to remember the best way to get there. Let Pittsburgh Water Limo be at your service.