Margie Baum


The people at Pittsburgh Water Limo were wonderful to work with and very accommodating. We had several meetings beforehand to insure that everything would be exactly as I wanted it, and they followed through because it was perfect! Captain Frank and his staff were delightful and couldn’t be more welcoming. I had arranged flowers and decorations for the party, but the boat itself is lovely, and the Pittsburgh skyline is GORGEOUS, so the decorations were unnecessary. They have two bars (upstairs and downstairs). There is a large flat screen TV on the boat, that we were able to hook up to show a short video. The speakers on the boat are wired to receive music from an ipod, so music is easily arranged.

The kitchen is rather limited, so thought must be given to the types of food that is used, but it is certainly do-able. We had chosen a lovely cold summer menu that didn’t involve heating or refrigerating, so we were fine. ( I understand that they will be making changes in the kitchen soon, so that will not even be an issue).

I had 52 guests on the boat and they are still calling and raving about the party. I wholeheartedly recommend Pittsburgh Water Limo for any event because not only is it a unique venue, but more importantly, they are so wonderful to work with

-Margie Baum