Limo Service Pittsburgh

If you’re in need of limo service Pittsburgh, then look no further than Pittsburgh Water Limousine. That’s right, our limo runs on water. We specialize in luxury cruises and private charters. Our vessels tour the three rivers of Pittsburgh and escort you to your destination in style. Whether you’re planning to go somewhere specific or discovering places to go for a specific occasion, we invite you to come aboard with us and enjoy the ride.

“Excellent Water Transport – I took my nephew on the water limo to attend the August 28th Pirates game. He loved being on the boat. The captain was kind enough to even let him steer the boat. The staff was very kind and I really appreciated them allowing my nephew to drive the boat. Considering the price of parking near the stadium, and the traffic congestion, you really can’t beat the water limo for traveling to the game. Thanks,” (Patrick, August 2015,

“Found this way of getting to the park completely by chance while wandering the Strip District and trying to avoid having to walk from there to the game. It cast-off timely, was a quick ride, and was a fun (albeit short) way to get a different view of the city. Bonus points for the bar on the boat and the restroom on board, which is currently being remodeled. If and when I find myself in Pittsburgh again, I’ll definitely do this again,” (Erika, May 2013,

“I was just onboard for a wine tasting and all I can say is MAGNIFICENT! My friends and I had a wonderful time, it was upscale, classy, and they had a great selection of wines. I do recommend this charter to anyone from or coming to the Pittsburgh area. We saw all the great views of the city on this beautiful yacht. The crew was fantastic, the bartender was great, everyone was very professional. 5 stars from me,” (Emily, June 2011,

As you can see, we’ve provided reliable and enjoyable transportation over the years. Better yet, it’s an overall experience that people of all ages delight in. Use our limo service Pittsburgh for your next outing.